The Artist’s Commissions Book

Record and track your work for up to 100 art commissions

Front cover of The Artist's Commissions book on a white painted background
Designed by a graphic designer-turned-artist, The Artist’s Commissions Book is designed for professional artists who take commissions and prefer using paper notebooks for recording information.
In this easy-to-use record book, you can write the details of important dates, client information, artwork requirements, contracts and payment scheduling all in one place.

Never forget who, what, where and when!

Details pages: store all the information you need for each artwork commission so you can be confident you’ll fulfil the brief.

Keep a visual reminder of finished projects

There’s space for you to sketch or print out a 6x6cm/2.25×2.25 inch photo and attach it as a visual record of the work.

Standardise your prices

By recording the price for each artwork you make, you can build a standard way of pricing your art according to sizes and materials.

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Cover design for the Artist's Commissions Book

Glossy cover

  • The cover is easy to wipe clean.
  • Use labels or permanent marker to date the cover so you can identify multiple copies if you have more than one.
    Example of the contents page inside The Artist's Planner

    Personalise the inside and find sections easily

        • Add your name and the dates of projects contained in your book.
        • Easily find the section you need, all pages inside are numbered.
        • There are also dotted pages at the back for making notes.
    Examples page of how to use the Artist's Commissions Book

    Example pages

    • These pages show you how to use the book to organise your work efficiently.
      Index page of the Artist's Commissions Book

      Schedule pages

      A handy checklist of your commissions

      Record the commissions in this list as you receive them, check them off when you’ve finished.

      Prioritise each commission

      Recording the due date for each commission enables you to plan your workload.

      How this page helps:

      • Organise commissions effectively
      • See which commissions are current project
      • Get the satisfaction of ticking the done box!
      • Indicates the details page for that commission
      The Artist's Commissions Book showing the page to write information about your commission

      Details pages

      One page per commission.

      How this page helps:

      • Remind yourself what questions you need to ask clients
      • Track progress on contracts and invoicing
      • Note what is to be included in the art
      • Easily check artwork size
      • Enter shipping and tracking information
      • Add a photo or sketch of your artwork

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      Who created The Artist’s Commissions Book?

      About the creator

      Bee Denham is a graphic designer turned artist. After 30 years working in graphic design, her focus has turned more towards making art her career, so she knows how much information artists need to juggle while building their business. As a lover of paper planners, she created The Artist’s Planner to help direct her focus on the important tasks and keep notes on events, exhibitions, dreams and goals. In early 2023 she achieved a personal goal of becoming a finalist in the Collie Art Awards.

      Originally from Cheshire, UK, she and her husband, two teenage lads, a tiny dog and beautiful house bunny now live in Western Australia. She loves watching the birds in her garden, growing flowers and veggies, reading books, buying books and making books!

      Bee’s publications include The Artist’s Planner and The Artist’s Commissions Book.

      Artist in front of a white brick wall holding The Artist's Planner
      Front cover of The Artist's Planner against a white painted background

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