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If you're a fan of highland cows, then this original highland cow painting is for you!
The original painting is no longer available but we still offer prints and mugs in this design.

Featuring a fluffy highland cow against pink diamond shapes in the background, this original watercolour painting is perfect for fans of highland cattle.

When I lived in the UK, I found a paddock with a mini herd of beautiful highland cattle. I would sometimes stop to say hello and take photos, and occasionally their owners would be there too and I learned that the cows were basically big pets. I thought it was so quaint that all of the cows were girls and had Scottish names like Moira and Isla.

Medium: watercolour on archival paper

Frame: This original highland cow painting includes a frame

Art size: 12x17cm, 4.75x6.75 inches Frame size: 22.5x27.5cm, 8.75x10.75 inches.

Also available as an art print.

ABOUT BEE DENHAM’S ART:  Bee makes cute art in an illustrative style for animal and nature lovers

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